Slice installation package for remote Arc

We are trying to create a more streamlined Slice package for users to install on their local laptops. The Slice zip package comes with a local version of Arc which is not needed if we are configuring Slice to connect remotely with a central Arc server. Other than the 32/64-bit exe of Arc, are there any other files we can exclude? It seems that we can exclude the “slice.32” files if users are on 64-bit Excel.

Hi @weiview

What are you actually trying to achieve by removing the files? You can definitely delete local version of Arc server and it’s going to work until the configuration changes and the users try to run it locally for some reason.

Thanks for replying @aeremenko! We are just trying to make the installation package a bit smaller if possible since we were looking into distributing it on an internal self-service IT portal. The current package is 150 MB but w/o the Arc exe’s, it gets cut down to 70 MB, which would reduce the bandwidth a bit. Also, our users will only be using remote Arc so wanted to reduce any confusion/redundancy.

Given that the PafE/PAX packages are essentially just an Excel plug-in now, I was curious about the dependencies of everything in the Slice folder. If this is more trouble than its worth, we’ll probably just use the whole unaltered package.