Show TI parameters as fixed values


In a TI Process widget, we’re trying to limit the Year parameter to a default value using the type “subnm” and a MDX expression.

The selection itself is working but the drop down is still active. The users would like to see it as a fixed or “non-selectable” value.

Here follows a screenshot of the field:

Any ideas on how to achieve this?



Disabling is not designed to work with type “subnm”, i.e. the whole purpose is to select an element. Not knowing your exact use case I can generally think of those options to achieve what you might want:

  • Limit the result to just one year, then it’s still selectable but the user cannot change it to anything else
  • use settingsservice true and type input, then you can disable and the selected year would come from whatever you have selected (can be a hidden fix in the background)
  • Use a custom html (like I described in a previous post) using a tm1-ui-element-list for instance

Hi @aalex,

The first option will work for the client.