Show date in MM/DD/YYYY format while using Datepicker widget

Hello Team - We are using datepicker in our Apliqo Reports however by default it displays date in DD/YY/MMMM format however we want to have date reflected in MM/DD/YYYY format, I tried playing around with formatting to get the data formatted in the required format however no luck so far. I tried looking up the Apliqo documentation as well but don’t see any such options listed.

Can you please confirm if its feasible (off the shelf or hacky method) to enable Datepicker while having the flexibility to display date in the format of our choice.

Apliqo Version: 2023.02

Thank you in advance.

Hi @rkuma145 ,

Have you tried changing the Date Format on the Table config option?

Just keep in mind that it will only apply this new format for new picklist selections, because it does the conversion while saving the data in the Cell, but it does not change existing ones, at least as far as I’m aware.

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