Shorten label of series/X axis for dynamic stack rows/columns

Hi Expert,

Would like to ask you how to shorten the name of series and also X axis with stacked rows/column:

1, For series I have figured it out that we can manually change it in Advance Option :

 "series": [
        "color": "rgb(130, 191, 221)",,
        "name": "Top1"
        "color": "rgb(145, 169, 71)",
        "pointPadding": 0,
        "name": "Top2"

I just wondering if there is better way to do it as we might have dynamic rows/columns?
I aslo try the similar thing in xAxis but it doesn’t seem to work:


Thank you very much!

Do you want make a smaller size with font?
Or shorten the label like Forecast - > Fcst?
They are different things

@monder I would like to shorten the label like Forecast - > Fcst

Also, In my case the label is long because it’s concatenate 2-3 stacked rows/columns


backend (tm1) is the best place for this.


There are two ways this could be achieved in the app.

  1. You can change the x axis format - it will change all the labels

“xAxis”: [
“labels”: {
“format”: “new label”

  1. Or you can add categories to x axis and specify new labels there:
    “xAxis”: [
    “categories”: [
    “label 1”,
    “label 2”,
    “label 3”,
    “label 4”,


Thank you very much @atrajer