Setting up TM1 Web Logging to Pulse

I have a potential client that has 3 DB servers but just 1 Web server. The Web server obviously serves all the instances on all 3 DB servers.

I am trying to help them set up their Web server to log TM1Web usage to Pulse. I was following the instructions at :
Step 5 says to update the pulseServerAddress = “localhost” parameter in the pulseLog.jsp file by replacing localhost with the name of the DB server.

Big question: Can I add multiple lines since there are multiple DB servers?

Hi @crothman,

Currently this is not supported. Currently only one Pulse server can be configured in these settings.



Thanks for the response @ecarmona

Just wondering if this situation has come up before in the past?

The environment is setup with several Prod TM1 instances across multiple servers, but there is just 1 web server.

Are there any alternate solutions?



To follow up another aspect: Do you know if this limitation will exist on Pulse 6 too?

This came up with another client I had, I sent the alternate solution @ecarmona helped provide.
I think If I remember correct @ecarmona said V6 resolved this.

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Hi @nfrigo, @RRicafranca, @crothman,

Currently the limitation still exists in Pulse 6 beta. Although is in the road map, other features have taken priority over this one.

We will let you know when it is included.


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Thanks @ecarmona :blush:

Hi @nfrigo, @RRicafranca, @nfrigo,

There is no actual way for the Pulse script to know which server to send the logs to if you have one web server and multiple TM1 servers. The only option would be to hard code via the instance name. Pulse 6 will mean you install Pulse once so all TM1Web logs will go to the same place.

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