Serverprotocol not visible in Arc


may someone knows why my serverprotocol is not working right in arc?

At the moment its running local and i’m connected via API url until the server is finally configurated to run arc.

Hi @OliverS,

Not really much information to understand the issue.

  • What browser are you using?
  • Are there any errors in the Developer Console (press F12 in the browser)?
  • Are there any errors in the arc.log?


i’m using chrome the Dev Console says

http://localhost:7070/[ServernamePort/Processes?$select=Name&$expand=ErrorLogs&$filter=ErrorLogs/$count%20gt%200:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”

Hi @OliverS,

Do you see any error in the arc.log file?

What is your Arc and TM1 version?



Hi @Vincent

i cant find a error in the logs, i will clean the file and start over again (too much debugging messages)

Arc is v1.9 (the newest)
Planning Analytics 2.0.9
Cognos Analytics V11.x (i dont think its important in this case.)

Hi @OliverS


sorry for the late response, very chaotic in the last weeks (due to corona).

The Arc Update solved my issue.


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