Running ARC at Windows Server 2012 R2

Hello Cubewise community.

we are struggle to bring Arc to our TM1 Server (Runnin on Windows Server 2012 R2), the IT Department told me they are 100% that the firewall config isnt blocking anything from arc.

From my local maschine i cant reach Arc (502 Bad Gateway or if im trying https its just timeout).

I can use Arc at my local computer normally, but basiclly we want to deploy it on our server.

Any idea what can block here?

We are using PA 2.0.9 with Cognos Analytics 11.x and SSO (CAM) configured.

Thanks for your advise!

Hi @OliverS,

I don’t think the version of Windows is the issue, a 502 error is normally caused by a proxy. HTTPS has to be enabled so it won’t work out of the box. Some questions:

  • Is Arc inside your local network?
  • What does the URL you are using look like? Server name, IP address, domain name, etc.
  • What browser are you using?
  • Are there any proxy settings in the browser?


THanks for your response, i made a new Ticket to the Proxy Team in our Company to check it again hopefully they will find the issue.

I tried IE, Chrome and Edge, but i can access arc on the server so it should be a proxy issue.

Yes we are using a internal proxy in our company.

thanks and BR