Run Time Alert notifications on strange long running Pulse thread

We have Pulse 6.2.1 at a customer.
Recently I have been receiving Run Time Alert email notifications about a Pulse thread that’s not visible in Session Monitor.

Thread is run by TM1 user set for Documentation / Change Tracking, context = “Pulse” and Function = “HEAD /api/v1/$metadata”. Thread run time currently is 1702913954 and it changes from email to email (looks to be increasing but I have not compared all the emails I received in past weeks).

There doesn’t seem to be any impact of this, but it looks at least strange.

Can you let me know why I’m seeing this and if there actually can be an adverse effect of that?


Regarding the Pulse thread not being visible, Pulse is hiding Pulse threads by default in the Live Monitor, you can enable them back as below :

This REST API query should be very quick, if it does not finish this is a question for IBM. We can’t say why this query would not finish. Pulse is making the query but then it is TM1 managing it.