Rows with different parameter

Hi experts,

I’m just curious how you normally build a grid table in Apliqo where some rows would need to use different parameters. However, you don’t want to manually add/hide rows and use formula.

With the below example, I can totally use “overhead” in account dimension column and add two more rows to calculate Overhead 1+2 and 3+4 for Region 3. However, my table won’t be static due to filter zero function therefore added rows will be messed up every time I refresh the table.


Hope my question makes sense


It really isn’t clear to me from your mock-up what exactly you want to do. But can’t you join widgets to achieve this?

I have consolidated overhead account including 4 rolled up accounts (1-4).

I want to create a table where in the same column, different cells will pick up different overhead accounts.


I dont think joined widgets will achieve it because it will look like this:



I still am not sure if I have understood the requirement but I think you could do this by stacking account and region on rows. You would set the list type of both dimensions as MDX and in the 1st dimension declare an explicit list of tuples rather than a cross-join and you would leave the MDX definition of the 2nd dimension completely empty. There’s an example of this technique in the demo application /Apliqo_Demo/#!/app/a2.f7.v1 - the example is on columns not rows but the same principle applies.

Thanks @cw-ch-scott

I dont think stacking account and regions on rows will work because I need accounts in columns.

It’s alright…I’ll try other way :slight_smile: