Right Click Options (Keep leaves) Respecting Filters

When an attribute is used as a filter this becomes very useful and is more stable and performant than Excel like filters. However the right click options ignore these filters at the moment.

It might be difficult from the screenshots but here it is…

Default list driven from the active filter. Only 'Yes’items are shown.

Right click and keep leaves.

Now all the leaves of the selected member are displayed, ignoring the filters (obviously).

This is I believe by design but would be still good to influence the list based on certain filters.
Anyone has a similar requirement?

That’s … gonna be tricky.

If rows and columns are driven by a custom MDX statement rather than just a simple subset or Element.Children or Element.Descendants then that MDX could be very complex. Like in your example you are using an unrelated helper dimension or custom filter to get a setting service value that you pass as the test value in a Filter function, but it could be literally anything. The original set might contain several unions and the filter only applies to one of them, etc. etc.

When drilling down from a member in the current the entire MDX is being replaced and you have a new startpoint. How would the report be supposed to know which functions and conditions from the original MDX expression to keep and which not? I can understand the use case and it would be way more convienient in this case that the filter on active is maintained. But equally there woudl be other cases that if the user drills down to children, descendants or leaves that they expect to see everything that belongs there. I just don’t think it woudl be possible to have a solution that didn’t create more problems than it solves.

In this case why not split the rollup into active and inactive SKUs. Given that there’s already an attribute it couldn’t be that difficult and this might be even better for the users.