Reverse Proxy for Pulse


Hi all,

I am having a bit of a problem when setting up Reverse Proxy for Pulse, which uses IIS with ARR 3.0 and URL Rewrite Module 2.0 as the component.

On Cognos BI, I have followed this guide and it is working well:

However, for Pulse, the using the similar setup from the guide “works”, but when login or logout from Pulse would then failed and sort of returned a 404, as the redirect triggering from Pulse still pointing to the incorrect URL, the one before Reverse Proxy configured.

So does anyone have any idea how I can “configure” it?



No one know how to make it work in Pulse?


Hi Tat,

Pulse is redirecting on the server and therefore doesn’t know about the proxy address you have placed in front of it. If there is a header with the proxy address we could use that to redirect to instead. If you can find out want headers IIS sets would could look into it further.


Hi Tim,

Checked and couldn’t find the header variable in the F12.

Been going through a number of websites already trying to configure that, it’s either making Pulse completely down or it just didn’t apply, and the problem is it is only happening on Login and Logout, the other functions are fine.




Hi Tat,

Can you please see if this helps you:

Pulse redirects the user to the home page after logout and to the original page after login using the sendRedirect command.