Restrict Arc Usage

Is there a way to restrict arc usage to only members of a group or a list of clients? We need to restrict access to admins/devopers and block access for other users.

Hi @rdclapp,

Arc has no security mechanisms built-in, it is all done through TM1. You could have 2 instances of Arc running on separate servers (or ports on the same server). Remove the license file on one of them to remove the “Developer” features.

Hi @tryan - resurrecting this thread as an client has the same request - is there any way to completely restrict use of Arc on a server for non-admin? Use case for them is they have very controlled ways to run their TI processes via spreadsheets, and the end-users bypass that sometimes to run the TI via Arc, which can cause problems - is there anything we can suggest here?

would it be viable for users to execute a caller process to validate parameters / verify access in a matrix & only allow access to that?

you’d have to build the websheet logic into a TI but then you wouldn’t need it in the websheets so these would be easier to maintain / update.

Can you not use the capability assignment “Access to Server Explorer”?

@William good suggestion, but they want to blanket disallow use of Arc for any non-admin, and that was just one of the examples.

@lbrown does that limit access to the objects in Arc though?

We don’t really have an answer unfortunately. We looked into the capability but it isn’t accessible through the REST API.