Reports/Performance/Instance report

We did the following test to check the Reports >> Performance >> Instance report.

Run a Metadata Process or Chore that’ll increase the memory consumption & would run for long time.
Check various charts & numbers shown against the database as much as possible.

We observed that some features work some don’t.

  1. Sorting of columns on Memory Analysis, CPU Analysis, Run Time Analysis, Wait Time Analysis doesn’t work
  2. Long Running Operations window does not show the ongoing long running operation.
  3. Run Time Analysis & Wait Time Analysis show the same long running operation as different entries


Hi @drd,

Thanks for posting these questions. In regards of number one, yes you are right, these are bugs that have been already reported and whose fix will be included in Pulse 5.8.1.

In regards the Long Running Operations Report, it is important to keep in mind that these are logged every 60 seconds into Pulse (this setting is referred as LoggerInterval in Pulse.cfg), By setting this parameter to something smaller, you might get a more frequent refresh of the long running Threads, but at the expense of increasing the size of disk of Database of Pulse. These reports are intended for analysis after an event has occurred, for live tracking, A “Run Time Alert” would be a more adequate utility for such proposes.

Now, in regards of the Run Time and Wait Time Analysis reports, this is the desired functionality, Pulse creates a summary of the State of the TM1 Server and its Instances every 10 minutes[1] into the knowledge base of Pulse , you can notice this interval by checking the “Start” and “End” columns and will match such interval, if an operation takes more than 10 minutes, this thread will be shown in diverse records of these reports.

[1] This is the default value, this can be modified in the “Administration/Configuration” page.



Thanks for your reply Erik.

  1. I’ve noted that this is a bug.
  2. I did a long running test with a TI that lasts more than 5 minutes & with the default refresh time I was expecting it will log in the report. However, I found that it doesn’t record until the job has finished. So I guess, this can only be used a history report as you’re suggesting.
  3. Yes, I did observe that & noted that this the default behaviour, will there be any performance/database size impact if we increase this parameter ?
  4. I found another bug on this screen (Performance/Instance).
    If you’re on a certain report say e.g. Operations or Run Time Analysis & click the refresh button,
    Pulse will show ‘Summary’ tab under that reports heading i.e. Operations or Run Time Analysis.
    Same is true for all other tabs, ideally you would expect the refresh button to just refresh that screen.


Hi @drd,

Increasing this value to something greater, would mean that Pulse will store less snapshots in the database, so the Database will increase at a slower pace. In regards of 4, I believe it is a matter of preferences as some users like to refresh all the tabs with a single refresh. But we will keep you suggestion in mind for further versions.



Hi Erik, I agree with you that it’s a matter of preference whether the refresh button should refresh all the reports or just the one you’re on. However, what I meant to say was different.

Let me correct my last statement :

ideally you would expect the refresh button to just refresh that screen.

What I meant to say is that :

Ideally you would expect the refresh button to show the same report after clicking the refresh (even though it might refresh all the screens). At the moment what happens is that, if you’re on the ‘Operations’ screen & it is showing you the operations report, after clicking refresh, you see the ‘Summary’ dashboard under the heading of ‘Operations’. Same is true with other tabs as well. That seems like an error.

hi @drd,

Thanks for the clarification. We will keep note on this and add a fix for one of the immediate releases.

Please contact your cubewise Local contact, they will create a support ticket and will let you know when it its fixed.