Reports/Documentation/Cube List/Instance/Cube Name - Showing incomplete/incorrect relationships


Navigate to the ‘Cube Lists’ report and click on a cube name.
On the right hand side it shows a section called ‘Relationships’ which lists two types of objects :

  1. Cubes
  2. TI processes.

There are two bugs we found here :

  1. Let us say you click on Cube A & you know that there’s a TI process that does a data transfer from Cube A to Cube B (& the references of the cube names are stored in hard coded variables & not read from cube variable). Then you would expect that the Cube B gets mentioned in the ‘Relationships’ section, but it doesn’t, which is incorrect.
  2. If you generate a level 1 flow diagram report for Cube A, you’ll find certain number of TI processes associated with it (which itself seems incorrect which I’ve raised in a different thread ). Ideally, the relationship section should mention the same TI processes as enlisted in flow diagram. However, the ‘Relationships’ section shows less number of TIs than flow diagram. Seems incorrect.


Hi @deepak.desale,

Pulse should be able to pick up relationships where cube name is referenced in a variable. If it does not work for you, we will need to investigate deeper.

Could you please email your Cubewise local contact, I think in your case, it might be @bheinl or @tjensen, they will help you to gather all the information we need.




Thanks Vincent, I’ll get in touch with them.