Replacement Character appearing in burst report emails


I am utilising the wonderful Canvas report bursting functionality to burst emails to clients. Unfortunately the variable injection, while working, is not pretty!

A snippet of the email body I have defined on the Email tab of Canvas Task Editor report action can by seen here (showing three Placeholder Names that have been defined on the Burst tab):

Please find attached the {{periodFrom}} to {{periodTo}} monthly report for {{client}}.

Unfortunately when the email is sent to the client, although the variables resolve correctly, they also leave an unsightly Replacement Character behind:

In my reading on this, it seems a non utf-8 character is being generated in the email body when it replaces the variable, and that non utf-8 character is then being rendered as a replacement character.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is anyone able to advise where in the setup I need to go to define the character set not to convert to the replacement character?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Epistemophile,

On the Body section of the email, you can try to check if there are other characters that might have been injected and also do further formatting. For example if you click on the following icon,

It should give you this other look,

You can then try to perhaps just leave just the text that you will need and exclude any other formatting that might have been generated.

Let us know how it goes.



Sorry for the late reply, but thanks! :slight_smile: