Replaced TM1 instances' folders, what do I need to do?

We did a test TM1 upgrade and installed Pulse.
A few weeks later, I replaced the TM1 data folders to do the actual upgrade.
What do I need to do for Pulse to re-enable all the features?


Hi @twndc,

To update the documentation and change tracking, Pulse needs to run its own TM1 processes (TI starting with }src). When Pulse starts, it checks if these processes are in the TM1 data folder, if they are not, it copies these processes into the TM1 data folder.

If you replace the TM1 data folder with an old one or one which does not have the }src processes, change tracking and update documentation will stop working.

What you need to do:

  1. Restart Pulse services (Pulse will send the }src processes to the data folder).
  2. Restart the TM1 instance for TM1 to pick up the new processes.
  3. In Pulse instance settings, check the TM1 credentials.
  4. In Pulse run the update documentation.



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Thank you, Vincent, for these detailed instructions.