Reload missing logs in Pulse

Hi Team - Please note that our Pulse (version 6.2.0) service account password was changed by the IT team however the same was not updated on pulse, the password was updated after three days and as a result we are not able to see the data for those three days. The current logs are showing up as expected.

Can you please confirm if there is any option/workaround available to make this missing data available in Pulse?

Additionally, can you please confirm if Log Interval (min) is the correct parameter controlling the log refresh cadence? I have set it to 15 mins however there is some inconsistency and sometimes the logs get refreshed in 20 mins and sometimes even takes 30 mins.


Hi @rkuma145 ,

Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to load previous tm1server.log data into Pulse. We are working on some backend changes which should allow us to do this in the future.

The Log Interval (min) is the amount of data that Pulse is keeping in cache in your browser, by default Pulse is keeping 15 min of data cached in the browser. This data is used when you need to remind in the Live Monitor.

More information: Set the maximum minutes of data cached in the browser - Cubewise CODE