Release: Arc v2.2.0

A new version of Arc is now available to download ( )

Arc v2.2.0 introduces new exciting features such as:

  1. The Arc cube viewer has been enhanced with two new features (Display the view processing time and a new button to cancel a view execution).
  2. Support for attributes and localization. v2.2.0 introduces a new tool facilitating the localization of your TM1 application, all the different steps such as updating }LocalizedDimensionAttribute and }LocalizedCubeAttribute values are gathered into one module.
  3. A new module called Files to manage all blobs files from the TM1 data directory has been added. This can be used to upload a csv file to the TM1 data directory and then can be used as the data source of a TM1 process.
  4. From the Process Editor, an upload button has been added. The upload button will read the csv file, upload it into the TM1 data directory and then set it up as the new data source.
  5. From the Dimension Editor, it is now possible to create a new hierarchy by attribute from the context menu. Right-click on an attribute value then choose Create Hierarchy, you will then be able to choose between creating the hierarchy and/or creating the process:

All the new enhancements and fixes are available in the release notes:

Happy coding!