Release: Arc v1.7.1

A new version of Arc is now available to download ( )

Arc v1.7.1 includes 13 new features:

  1. New Cube Viewer
  2. New Dimension Editor
  3. New Subset Editor
  4. New rule area picker and insert function buttons for the Rule Editor
  5. See default member for each hierarchy in the dimensions overview page
  6. New filter by types of control objects
  7. New debugger tab to see all your breakpoints
  8. New button to save a process as template
  9. Snippets are now grouped by category
  10. Create your snippets in .hsjon format
  11. MDX plugin keeps your history
  12. REST API plugin keeps your history
  13. Always show control objects processes in auto-complete

Arc v1.7.1 includes also 14 enhancements and 16 fixes, All the new enhancements and fixes are available in the release notes:

Happy coding!