Release: Arc v1.6.0

A new version of Arc is now available to download ( )

Did you know you don’t have to have a Default Hierarchy called with the dimension name and the Leaves Hierarchy called Leaves?
With Arc v1.6 when creating a new dimension, you can define the name of the Default and the Leaves hierarchies.

It is now easier to find your TM1 objects with a new color-coding by objects type:

All the new enhancements and fixes are available in the release notes:

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Yes this is true but it also isn’t quite that simple. You can’t do away entirely with the same named hierarchy. Yes you can create a dimension and set another hierarchy to be the default but the same named hierarchy will still be there, just empty. This is a little confusing for users and makes the cube useless in any non-rest client that can only see dimensions and not hierarchies.

Similar with Leaves. Yes you can set another name for the Leaves hierarchy but this creates a 2nd separate N only hierarchy which is synced to Leaves and “Leaves” is still there. Or at least this was the behaviour last time I tried this out in 2.0.6, maybe it’s changed?

There is a new property for hierarchies to be able to set them to “do not display” for non-admin users. (I guess this isn’t applicable for Arc but I guess is a workaround to both these issues).

My feeling is that it should be a “best practice” to stick with same named hierarchy and Leaves. Interested what others think.

Hi @cw-ch,

I think this discussion is probably better in another category?

There is no requirement to have a hierarchy with the same name as the dimension if you are using new TM1 interfaces. It can be deleted. Likewise with the Leaves, it can be named anything and will be synced automatically if you set it using Arc. This is good for non-English models.

Here an example to highlight what Tim said, with Arc v1.6, you can now create a Client dimension with 3 Hierarchies:

  • Client by Country as the Default (Arc will show a “*” for the Default Hierarchy)
  • Clients as the Leaves (Arc will show a “+” for the Leaves Hierarchy)
  • other hierarchies such as Client by Company

If you query the REST API, you will see as well that the Leaves and the DimensionName default hierarchy are not there, you will see only the 3 Hierarchies as above:

With the new feature to be able to open rules & TI with all foldable sections collapsed by default (which I think is great by the way! Nice work.) It would also be great to have a toolbar button toggle to collapse all / expand all. Or maybe there is already a keyboard shortcut for this that I don’t know?

The button you are looking for is called “Fold Region” in the process toolbar:

However the is currently no shortcuts but we will follow-up with you in your ticket #459.

@cw-ch, @Vincent,

There are actually shortcuts for this! I have been using them every day since the early versions of Arc :slight_smile:

It is Alt+0 and Shift+Alt+0 - they can behave differently based on where the cursor is placed, but you get used to them very quickly.

See here:


Hi Guys,
A formal list in ARC of keyboard hotkeys and their shortcuts is coming soon

Good catch @prajtar! I updated the Arc shortcuts list:

As @gpool mentioned, you will be able to see this list of shortcuts inside Arc soon.

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Ohh I like that. I like that a lot. Alt+0 is actually much better than the toolbar button toggle which collapses or expands EVERYTHING. Alt+0 collapses everything except the current region where the cursor is active.

This is excellent. Nice one!

My personal favourite;


Hi @saylett,

I love it too - appears that we are blessed with a Delete key on Windows, unlike those poor Mac users :wink:

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