Release: Arc v1.4.0


Hi All,

Arc just got even better!

Arc v1.4.0 is now available to download:

This new version includes a lot of fixes and enhancements such as the rule tracer, an elapsed time counter when executing a process and support for English, German, Spanish and French languages.

More information in the release notes:

Happy coding!




We released today Arc v1.4.1 which is an update to v1.4.0.

The rendering of Arc v1.4.0 was not consistent on each environment. To fix this issue we included to Arc v1.4.1, a new Cubewise CODE open source project called cubewise-code/go-mime which makes sure that the content-type of a file will be driven by its extension.

The latest version of Arc is available on the page.


Release notes are gone Vincent.


Hi @paul.segal,

I’m not sure why it did not work for you as this page is public, you should be able to access it even if you are not logged in.

Could you try to access the arc-issues:

If this page does not work as well, maybe check with your IT department if there is something blocking website.

I hope this help.




Hi Vincent,

I can get to the issues OK, just the 1.4 fix/enhancement list that won’t show.




@Vincent I can confirm this issue. The release notes page security must be private with only the Code team having access.


Sorry about that I’ve fixed the URL in the v1.4.1 release notes. There was an extra /releases in the v1.4.0 URL.