Release: Arc v1.11.0

A new version of Arc is now available to download ( )

Arc v1.11.0 introduces new exciting features such as:

  1. The Security tool has been significantly improved with new features.
  2. A Default option has been added to the Save Subset and Save View pop-ups to quickly create the default subset or view.
  3. A To-Do-List tool to help you create list of tasks.
  4. New setting instancestohide in the settings.yml file to hide specific instances.
  5. New settings rulenamingscript and processnamingscript to change the case of rules and processes functions and snippets.

All the new enhancements and fixes are available in the release notes:

Happy coding!




I see there’s a new “to do list” Plugin. But I can’t see any HowTo or tutorial on how to use it. I also don’t see anything to link to or create to do list in any of the context menus. So how do you use it? I can’t figure it out.

Hi @cw-ch,

We will create a Help article to explain how it works.

Once the to-do-list plugin open, there should be Add new list button at the top:

Once created you will then see a Add new step and then Add new action button. Finally untick the Edit button to stop the Edit mode.

If it does not work for you, please create a ticket ( so we can investigate the issue.

I hope this help,



Once I figured out you need to exit edit mode for the links to the actions to work it made more sense.

But I feel like I’m missing something becasue it seems you can mark a whole list (step) as complete but not the individual action items. Also seems a bit of a design flaw that a list is constrained to a single instance.

Thanks @cw-ch,

Yes you can only mark the all step to complete and not individual actions. We thought it would be quicker to mark the step as complete instead of having to mark all actions one by one as complete. The workaround, for now, would be for you to create only one action per step.

About the instance, we could add a dropdown to select the instance for each action.

We always welcome feedback. Please feel free to create an enhancement request: