Release: Arc & Slice v4.2.0

A new version of Arc & Slice is now available to download:

Version 4.2 includes significant performance improvements to the Cube Viewer and the Subset Editor. The Cube Viewer and Subset Editor now support lazy loading, which means that only the visible cells are loaded. This is particularly useful when you have a large number of rows.


More information in the release notes:

Happy coding!




Wow lazy loading is a great enhancement. Well done Code Team!


@Vincent that is great!

Slice on the Website, when I try to download, Is still downloading 4.1.1 though.

Arc is showing 4.2.0! will test it out!


Thanks Rodrigo, the website has been updated now, you can now download Slice v4.2.0 and enjoy the lazy loading!

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@Vincent , Is there a way I can get/download the version 4.2.0 of Slice? I need it for a client…
I can only download the newest version from the Website.


Hi Rodrigo,

To download a previous version of Arc or Slice, you just need to change the version number in the URL:



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Thanks Vincent! That worked!

Hi @Vincent,

It would be good if there was a list of the prior versions with download links for the different products on the website.

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Or on cubewise downloads. :+1:

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I agree! that would be really useful! At least the last 3 or so versions…