Release: Arc and Slice v4.3.0

A new version of Arc & Slice is now available to download:

Among many enhancements, this new release comes with two very exciting features:

Cross Drill in Active Forms

On top of expanding and collapsing dimensions on rows, you can now drill to another dimension. For example, you can drill from the Account dimension to the Region dimension


The Arc Test Centre (requires Pulse v6.3.1)

The Arc Test Centre has been created to enable Automated Unit Testing and Test Driven Development for TM1 Models.

It allows users to set up individual Unit Tests as part of the development phase, and group them together in a collection to be run in sequence.

By writing a test for each process (for example checking a value or a hierarchy), each time you run the test, you can be sure that the process is working as expected.


More information in the release notes: