Relative Proportional Spreading in UX

We would like to take advantage of TM1’s spreading capabilities in the UX interface, but unfortunately we are running into multiple issues in version 2021.07 FP1.

  1. Relative proportional spread doesn’t work, even though it’s an option to enable in default_constants. The behavior is no different from proprtional spreading. There is no ability to select the reference cell, only what value you want to spread. I assume this is also the case with relative percent adjustment.

  1. Left/right spreading direction doesn’t seem to work. This has been reported awhile ago.

Are there plans to strengthen spreading and holds capabilities, especially since PAW does this relatively well? We can’t say that too often :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried to to use the Relative Proportional Spreading in UX (version 2021.21.11) and encountered the same. Has this been addressed in a later version?