Recommended Practices for Installing Arc


What is the recommended way to set up an installation of Arc in terms of the folder names and installation of services? Should the Arc executable be stored in a folder with the version number or a non-versioned folder? The reason for asking is in relation to running Arc as a service. If the services is installed pointing to a folder with a version in the path, then I assume the service would need to be removed and installed again against the new executable when upgrading Arc. If the service is installed in a non-versioned folder, can the updated executable just be copied over an existing one?

I can see the instructions for installing Arc as a service (, but I can’t see the instructions for removing the service. Is it just arc.exe -remove?


Hi Roy,

You don’t have to remove the Arc service when upgrading Arc, you just need to stop the service and replace the arc.exe file and that’s it!

More information:

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Thanks @Vincent,

So the recommendation is to put the Arc executable file in a folder that does not contain the version number. The service needs to be set up once (as per When upgrading it’s just a case of copying the Arc executable file (as per

How do you remove the Arc service where the Arc executable is currently in a folder that contains the version number and a service is set up on that executable and now the folder needs to be change? Is it just arc.exe -remove ?

Yep, that is all you need.

Thanks @tryan, @Vincent.