Random users set up in Canvas Samples Database



On install the Canvas Sample database includes some random user ids. I suggest these could be cleaned out for future deployments so that they are not picked up as users in Pulse tracking etc.

Use IDs include Tim, Top, Pulse, Api, Ops and several people’s names. Not sure if any of these are actually required to be retained so the samples work?


Thanks @pcoggan for your suggestion,

The Canvas Sample TM1 instance is a TM1 instance used by Canvas to support the samples application.

We also uses this instance when testing Canvas therefore there are some techincal elements which probably do not make sense (which do not look “clean”) but are required during our tests.

For example, if you look at the Version dimension, you will see few technical elements required for our tests in order to make sure that Canvas supports all different special characters.

About the }Clients dimensions, there are 20 elements, you can use user1 to user10 for demo, they have the Display alias setup correctly.