Questions for extended Pulse workshop




for an extended Pulse workshop this week, I would like to ask / clarify a few questions:

  1. Can Pulse cope with TM1 instance names which contain a dot (.)? At the end of last year, we mentioned that a dot in the instance name causes problems with the migration feature. It was said back then that the issue either gets fixed in version 5.8.1 or 6. What is the latest here?

  2. What is the best way to control the allowed directions of migrations (i.e. allowed from DEV to UAT but not the other way around). I can only think of using the Pulse security settings to do that. Is there any other way?

  3. Views and subsets can still not be ‘live migrated’, correct?

  4. Are there any known disadvantages of using SSO for Pulse?

  5. The client is interested in extending the validation rules set. What is the best documentation regarding syntax when adding new validation rules?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @mfynmore,

Answering your questions:

  1. We are considering testing this for 5.8.1, we have tested today this with 5.8.0 and in our tests scenarios its working
  2. This is right, you should use instance security in this case
  3. Correct
  4. No.
  5. The validation rules, are very flexible, the way to address them is to create regular expressions to support. For this there is too much material in the internet, there are sites like “” that allow you to test your regular expressions.

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Hi @mfynmore,

Here a Pulse Help article which will give you more details about how to create a new validation rule: