Question on user analytics

Hi guys,

I have some questions on user analytics - is there a way to identify the following:

  1. How often is a cube being accessed?
  2. What users are accessing what cubes?
  3. Determine methods with which the cube is being accessed for example as a view, or excel recalc? I understand when TM1 web is in question pulse can monitor/log websheets and views being accessed, but more curious to know the monitoring and logging if and when access is being initiated from a client (architect/perspectives).

Much thanks guys!


Hi @nkaushal,

The short answer to all of those questions is a no. We know the number of users but not by cube, we do track the cube used is Excel workbooks but it isn’t complete. Only the first cube is reported back to Pulse to limit the performance impact on Excel (i.e. looping through all cells).

Hi @nkaushal
If TM1 PerfMon is turned on then there is a cube called }StatsByCubeByClient which can be monitored. In past 10.2.2 versions this cube seemed comprehensively broken, but I just tried in 11.4 and it seems to be working again.

There is a performance hit to TM1 when Performance Monitor is turned on so I would be wary about having it on in production to get these stats.

Much thanks @cw-ch and @tryan for the input and the heads-up. Cheers!