Pulser Explorer - User by a specific Context


Is there an existing dashboard or visualisation in Pulse Explorer (Kibana) where I can filter Context and then see session count by TM1 users. E.g. if I want to see which users have used PAW then Context=Workspace.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Mathias ,

Yes, you can use the Pulse Explorer to see who is using Workspace or any other product:

Open the Pulse Explorer via the Pulse Web Client:


It is going to open the Pulse Explorer, then open the Pulse User - License Report:

Then you can click on the visualization:

After clicking on Workspace, you will see only the user who are using Workspace:

I hope this help,



Thanks Vincent,

Is it possible to modify or add a bar chart showing Users on the x-axis, count on the y-axis, and Context on legend?


Hi Mathias,

Yes it is very easy to build new visualizations with the Pulse Explorer:

Click Visualize and then click the + button:

Then select the visualization you want:

The information you are interested in is inside the pulse-tm1-session-history index:

Now you can build the chart as below:

This is just an example of what you can build.

I hope this help,



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Thank you very much @Vincent !

I was able to build the chart I needed.