Pulse Web Logging has stopped working after PAL upgrade to 2.0.5

We have an issue at a client who has recently upgraded from PAL 2.0.2 to PAL 2.0.5, TM1 Web Logging has been turned on through and was working fine with PAL 2.0.2 but after the upgrade has stopped logging.

Usual checks have been done and everything looks fine, has anyone else experienced this and been able to resolve?

@jane.vellam is the business contact for this issue.

@lbrown is the web server on the same machine as TM1 is installed?

If not you may need:

@jane.vellam I will call you to discuss on Monday

@iboltz it is on the same box and the Pulse and TM1 Server

Hi @lbrown,

Is this still on going?

Hi @ecarmona, as far as I am aware this is still an issue, @jane.vellam is this still a problem for you?

Hi @ecarmona, this was fixed by @iboltz, the resolution was to add a line of script in the following files on the web server:

And also copied Pulse11 (renamed as Pulse) and PulseLog.jsp from the application server to the webserver.