Pulse v6 History Migration for SQL Server DB


I am about to upgrade my client’s Pulse from v5.8.1 to v6.0.3.

They have 5 PA servers and all of them have Pulse v5 installed and each connects to a different MS SQL Server DB.

We are going to use a centralised architecture for Pulse 6 and it will use MS SQL Server as its DB.

How do I migrate the Pulse 5 history from the various Pulse 5s into their new Pulse 6?

Is the article below still valid even if the DB is MS SQL Server?
Migrating Pulse v5.x history into Pulse v6.x - Cubewise CODE

Hi @Sb5,

Yes the article also applies for SQL Sever as well.



Thanks for the good article!

Thanks @ecarmona

I will give it a go.