Pulse V6.0.2 - Message Log History

The number of message log entries available for search through the Live Monitor dashboard seems to be very low. i.e. depending on server activity entries may in fact transit through the message logs, and drop off immediately.

I don’t seem to be able to find any config items to apply different number of entries / history for the “as a service” application, similar to the desktop version.

Given PAW and PAfE generate a lot of entries this makes the message log largely useless for users.

Has anyone else increased the history of the message log presented in Pulse when running as a Service?

Hi @jrobinson ,

In Pulse.cfg, there is a parameter that you can update to increase the messages displayed:

MessageLogDisplayMax = 20

Another great route is to go into Pulse Explorer, then navigate into the following pre-made Dashboard:

One of the items in there is the message log, from which you can browse through history - or use it similarly with the Live Monitor.



Thanks @plim