Pulse User Analytics Detailed Report-Raw Data

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We are getting attached visualization from Pulse kibana. It also provides user count data to export in csv.

How can we get granular user (with user name) details indicating who has accessed which interface (Apliqo, PAW, PAX, Tm1py, Tm1web, Architect etc)?

I found this “docs.h2.db” database inside pulse folder but couldn’t able to access data from it. How we can extract data from this database?

We need to automate data extraction of this data set and merge with organizational hierarchy for the analytics.

Please Advise.

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Refer to this article on how to set up an ODBC connection to the H2 database.

Once you have an ODBC connection, I believe the Session table has the information you’re after. There should be a Context column (can’t remember the exact name) which will contain the name of the interface used to access TM1.

Hope this helps.


@gbryant : Thank You for sharing the information.

After following your shared article => I had installed odbc driver and configured system DSN.
In TI process, What query should i write to read the data from " docs.h2.db " database.
I am getting following error:

Please Advise.


I Implemented following solution and it works fine


I found following link where we can dump h2 database in to SQL and extract information as we needed.
In this case we neither need to download & install any odbc drivers nor need odbc connection to read data.

URL => Pulse Database Migration into MS SQL Server - Cubewise CODE

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The query box should contain the actual SQL queries into the tables.

For example:

select * from session

However, from the error message, it seems it was not able to open a connection yet.

From the ODBC setup, did you try to click on the “Test” button? If you have not done it yet, can you try it out first and check if it was successful?



Also, did you update the Pulse configuration file? Set both of these to ‘true’. Make sure to restart the Pulse for TM1 Application Server service for the changes to take effect.

PgStart = true
PgRemoteAllowed = true