Pulse upgrade failure - blank screen in web browser


We have three installations of Pulse on separate servers. Two we have managed to upgrade (v5.8.2 to v6.1.2) successfully by running the application and following the install wizard. With the third server we can follow the installation process without issue but when opening the link http://localhost:8099 we get a blank screen, Pulse does not load.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any ideas? We have attempted to reinstall and gave the server a reboot but still have the same issue.



Hi @JamesH ,

If Pulse does not load, it is very likely that there is a connection issue with its database.

To know exactly what is going on, you should look into the Pulse logs, go to the Pulse directory > logs > opens the pulse.log file.

If you need some help to go through your logs, please feel free to open a ticket and our team will help you, just go to Issues · Cubewise CODE / Pulse for TM1 · GitLab, login and then click the New issue button.