Pulse try to load non existing template

Hi teams,
Does anyone know why Pulse is trying to load some templates that do not exist? Is there any setting to fix this situation?


Hi @jlai

I don’t think this is anything to do with Pulse. I think you will see theses errors in the message log whenever a user logs in thas has access to these objects in the application tree. It comes because either a blob file is corrupt, or (far more likely) the target object can’t be found.

Probably the application folders (in the }ApplicationEntries folder within the data directory) have been promoted from another instance but the associated websheets (in the }Externals folder) have not been promoted.

You can fix the issue either by deleting the applications which don’t have a valid target, or locate the correct files and copy them to the }Externals folder.

Hi @cw-ch,
Thank you for your reply. I’ll try your suggestion.:smile:


Just go to Architect, open Applications folder and click into the elements.
Accept the pop-up message and then the object (excel) will disappear.

Let us know if doesn’t work. But we already faced that in some migrations.


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