pulse test centre connection in ARC


I’ve encountered an issue with the Test Centre (Arc/Pulse).

In the Test Centre, the Pulse environment set for “instance” is successful.
However, the Pulse environment is not connected to the host server.

When I check in the Pulse console, Pulse shows that it is connected to the instance server successfully.

I later discovered that the instance name displayed in the Pulse console is the service name on the server, whereas the Pulse connection in Arc is using the instance name from the tm1.cfg file. The issue was resolved after I made the service name and the instance name identical.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a way to resolve this issue without changing the service name?


In the next release, Arc v4.4.0 there will be a new setting pulseinstance. This is the name of the tm1 instance as it appears in the Pulse environment instance list. This is only required if the connection name is different from the instance name. You can find this name in Pulse, under Administration / Environments

Arc v4.4.0 will be out very soon…

Hi Vincent,

May i kown the new setting pulseinstance, it setting on arc console or config file.
Could you show me the localtion if you can.

Hi @ttam ,

You need to set the pulseinstance per connection in the settings.yml file. Please open the settings.sample.yml to find some examples:

Yo have to upgrade first to v4.4.0



Hi Vincnet,

The Pulse connection is successful on Arc v4.4.0.
Thanks for your help