Pulse showing old TM1 version after upgrade


I’m running Pulse 6.2.0 and have recently upgraded the TM1 server from 11.8.00600.6 to 11.8.02000.7.
The new server version can be found in tm1server.log and cmplst.txt as well, but not in Pulse dashboard which still displays the old build number.
I cleared the browser’s cache, opened the page in Incognito mode, restarted the Pulse services, with no positive result.
Any other suggestions?

Hi @cpopa ,

If you have Arc installed, you could check what Arc is showing in the Settings module:

Maybe the TM1 REST API version is different in this release.



Hi @Vincent,
Arc displays the correct version.

Hi Ciprian,

Have you restarted the Pulse Monitor as well? If this is the case, please create a ticket and send the pulse logs so we can investigate further.



Yes, I did restart the Pulse Monitor (for sure). I did it once again and the version is displayed correctly now!
Thank you for your help.