Pulse session monitor - blank sessions

We have a question with Pulse session monitor, we are seeing blank entries (screenshot below) in user name and can’t figure out they mean. We are seeing this behavior when we moved to PA 2.0.3 (on cloud) with Pulse version 5.5.1 installed.

There was an issue yesterday where there was a session that was hung with a particular CAMID showing in Pulse, but we could not track that CAMID anywhere in our TM1 logs or in Cognos Content manager.
We have seen in the past that we CANNOT kill these hung sessions through pulse and restart of the TM1 instance is only the option.

Can you help us understand what these blank sessions means and if there any configuration change that we need to do, so we can kill the hung sessions without restarting the TM1 instance?

We haven’t upgraded to the newer version of Pulse and still waiting for Cloud compatible version to be released. Do you know when that’s going to happen?


The blank sessions that you see in Pulse Live Monitor are due to CAM Security.

If you open two Architect windows and try to login to the same instance with security mode 1, you will see that TM1 is going to create 2 sessions:

However with CAM Security the first time you log in to Architect, TM1 will create one session with the username but if you log in a second time with the same user, TM1 is going to create a blank session:

If you check on TM1top you will see the same sessions:

I’m not sure about the explanation but it might be linked to how the REST API handles the sessions and threads: