Pulse Security Groups


Our client is currently using Pulse 6.0.3 via the Pulse on Cubewise Cloud service.

Regarding the security, they are using IBM ID to log into Pulse.

I would like to understand how the security groups would work. Does Pulse security work on the basis of “path of the least resistance”?

For example, we have limited the Public group to only see the Production instances and none of the non-prod TM1 instances.

Then we created a group called “IT” and allow them to see instances across all environments.

Given that we can’t remove users from the Public group, if we were to also assign a user to the IT group, will that user be able to see instances across all environments per the settings in the IT group? Or will he/she only be able to see the Prod instances per the Public group?

Hi Ben,

Pulse can either exclude (restrictions win) or include access (adding access win), you can choose one or the other by updating the UseInclusionForInstanceSecurity parameter in the Pulse.cfg file. More information in the following article: Configuring Pulse to Exclude or Include Instance Security - Cubewise CODE.