Pulse - Scheduling Migration


Hi team,

Does Pulse have a function to schedule a migration? I.e. can we do any of the following?

  1. Live package to be executed automatically at certain time of the day.
  2. Offline package contents to be copied in automatically (so we can time it just before we do a weekly restart of our TM1 server).



Hi @AndrewW,

This is a good question! Currently Pulse does not consider the the schedule of migration packages. But I believe this is very interesting enhancement request (ER). Could you please contact your local Cubewise support office? They will perform the ER through our ticketing system.

Best Regards,



Thanks Eric as always for the prompt reply!

I’ll raise an ER with the office,



Hi @AndrewW,

Scheduling is something that we have on our enhancement list. We don’t have plans to implement it at this stage for a few reasons, the main one being we don’t want unattended migration. If something goes wrong during the execution of the package it is important that someone is available to fix issues or roll back changes.


Thanks Tim,

Can we mitigate that risk with Pulse Alert functionalities?

This means, on the chance that the migration fails, our TM1 admins can receive a notification and they can solve it then.



Hi @AndrewW,

That is possible, we will look into it at our next product meeting.


Thanks Tim, this addition would be really appreciated :slight_smile:



And for long running rule attaches an email :wink: