Pulse rule documentation for total lines of code



Enhancement Request: Add counter for “Code Lines” to Pulse rule documentation

Currently in the cube rule documentation Pulse displays some summary statistics about the rule content. This is stored in the “Cube” table in the Pulse DB.

There is a Comment Lines counter but no rule lines counter.

By summing the counters for N, C, N/C and S rules we can get the total number of rule definitions or number of unique LHS area statements. This is a useful metric but it’s not the same as “Number of lines of code”.

Having a lines of code counter would also enable an additional metric to be calculated “avg lines of code per rule” which could be used as a proxy of rule complexity.

Obviously depending on how rules are formatted, especially with line breaks can have a big impact on number of lines of code. So the metric isn’t perfect, but nothing is. But it would still add value and it seems odd that it is missing given the other rule stats counters that are in place already.


I had similar requirement before as the customer require to do a source code scan on TM1 rules and TI, they are dealing with some third party vendor and the source code line would be used for quotation purpose.

At that time, I have used powershell to find out the number of lines, but definitely be a good enhancement request if it can be provided in Pulse already, and if it can be downloadable to Excel or something.