Pulse report of cubes that have had the dimensions re-ordered


Is there a report in Pulse, or a table that can be queried, that shows the cubes that have / haven’t had the dimensions re-ordered. I don’t see it in the model spotlight or cube list.

I’m using Pulse version 5.8.2. Is it something that has been added in Pulse version 6?

Hi @R.B,

I believe TM1 reports the original dimension order via the TabDim Function. The latter is used to export the dimensions within a Cube during documentation and change tracking. I sure that even if you run documentation and look at the Change Tracking, the change of dimension order cannot be detected, Can you help me by checking this?

Most likely we could check in Pulse 6 and check via the REST API the current dimension order, perhaps we could enhance the change tracking to detect these type of changes as well.