Pulse - Relationship Diagram Find Relationships in variables

If / how Pulse finds relationships of information which doesn’t sit in the process code.

Example: a process reads the name of the destination cube from a parameter cube before writing the data to it. Is the Flowchart able to understand the connection to this target cube anyway? And if so, how? Somehow the CellGetS will be disbanded but can`t explain how this works technically.

Hi @mwinkler,

As you state, Pulse relays in the source code to find relationships. For instance, Pulse is able to backtrack variables that are set as object names, i.e.
if you declare a constant like the following:
cCubeName = ‘GL’

and then, if you reference such constant from a CELLGET/PUT statement like:

Pulse will be able to solve this dependency by finding the definition of cCubeName within the code.

In these cases, where the variable is referring as a parameter or if the value is stored in another cube, Pulse will not find such relations because, the value of these variables will be known only when the process is running (during the execution context of the TI).



Hi Erik,
My question is related to the similar query as above so posting here.
We get that pulse can decode the TI process code & then generates the relationships. However, we’ve found that not all TI processes are listed in the flow diagram.

Here are the steps we did :

  1. In pulse generated a flow diagram for one cube with all the options selected & level 1.
  2. note the number of TIs highlighted in the report.
  3. on the database directory do a simple search with Notepad ++ & look for the cube name in all *.pro files. Note the number of files returned by Notepad ++.
    In our case all the pro files returned have either used cubename in the CellPut/Get statement, view create/destroy statement or as a data source, making that TI a candidate in the relationship diagram to/from the cube name.

Yet, pulse flow diagram doesn’t show all the processes found by notepad++ search result.