Pulse - Question Regarding User Session Analysis


What does “Running%” stand for in Pulse’s user session analysis report, as well as “Waiting %” and “Others Waiting %”
If it’s means non-waiting % of total session time, does “idle time” also count in “Running%”?


Hi @afeng ,

  1. Running %: Represents the percentage of time a user spends actively running tasks (such as refreshing a view or executing a process). For instance, if the Running % is 60%, it means the user is engaged in tasks for 60% of the time, while the remaining 40% is idle.
  2. Waiting %: Indicates the percentage of time the user is waiting within TM1 (being locked by another operation).
  3. Others Waiting %: Reflects the percentage of time the user’s actions cause others to wait (e.g., locking resources that other users need).

These metrics provide insights into user activity and resource utilization within TM1.

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@Vincent Thanks Vincent! Very clear, according to the screenshot, running % of this user can reach nearly 100%, which means she is active during the whole session which last for 120 or 170 mins?

Yes, that’s what the percentage is saying.

I would not be too worried about the Running %. What is more important to check is the Waiting % or the Others Waiting %.

You don’t want users to be waiting for too long or users locking other users.

Hi Vincent,

The running % matters to us, the customer is requesting us to do a behaviour analysis of the users, understanding where the peak periods are and what exactly they are doing and therefore allocate more resources (both hardware and human standby) accordingly.

We have had an incident that we have 50 users online and caused TM1Web to halt, TM1 Server is ok, but since we do not have any statistic from TM1Web, we are trying to understand the usage pattern via Pulse, therefore in this case, we need to be very accurately describing Running % and how that may be relating to the user behaviour.

For Running% on 100%, that would means the person is extremely active or opening a cube view or running a process for over an hour according to the statistics, however, during our human monitoring, that actually never happened, so how should I interpret this number?



Also how long does it take for a user to become idle?

The Running % is calculated from the Session table in the Pulse database. If you want you could query the Session table for this user and check all the sessions.

An other way to achieve this is to open Pulse Explorer, go to the Pulse Live Monitor dashboard and then select your user. You will be able to see everything that your user has been doing:

The state of a TM1 session is managed by TM1. A session is either Run, Wait or Idle.