Pulse package execution timeout

Hi all,

Is there a timeout setting for package execution? One of our users started a package execution that updated a cube rule, triggering TM1 to reprocess the cubes feeders. The feeders took ~31 minutes to reprocess (and they did so successfully with the correct rule change), but Pulse seems to think the package is still executing.

We had to restart Pulse Application Server to attempt to execute the package again.

Pulse version 6.2.20230706

I’ve confirmed the following SessionTimeout timeout setting that should be at least an hour:

Hi @zachary.allin,

That SessionTimeout parameter is something that is for managing the web sessions of Pulse pages served to users via browsers.

As far as package execution goes, that is something that we will have to investigate and see if it is replicable. Thanks for creating the ticket.

Going back to the above, should it happen again try to,

  1. Refresh the page and check if you are able to execute another migration package
  2. Check if there are any errors on the Pulse logs

As far as TM1 and rule updates via REST API, Pulse does not have any restriction on the time it takes for TM1 to respond back and will wait as long as it can.

There is one thing for now we can possibly check to possibly rule out TM1 not returning the response properly. With Pulse.cfg, can you check if this parameter has been set to true or false?

PreferAsyncOnRest = true

If the above is set to true, try to change it to false instead. The effect of the above is that Pulse will then not use Asynchronous request when updating Cube Rules for example.

It would be great if the issue is replicable, so it can be easily verified if the above changes works.