Pulse OIDC authentication

Does Pulse support OIDC or connection to a LDAP for user authentication? I have searched high and low in the Cubewise Code documentation but can’t find any information on whether this is possible, although I suspect that it is. In pulse.cfg directly after the WindowsAuthentication parameter there is a section which looks like it is for storing OIDC connection:

ClientID =
ClientSecret =
DiscoveryEndpoint =
OIDCAuthentication = false
OIDCSingleSignOn = false

This is for a multi-tenant Pulse environment in AWS cloud running on RHEL so WIA isn’t an option, and I really, really don’t want to be setting up Pulse users manually and have manually managed passwords in Pulse.

Hi @cw-ch-scott,

The OIDC was not yet fully implemented and needs re-integration. Those where prep works for this implementation.

In the past though, even if a provider says it supports OIDC, there were still somehow slightly different implementations or possibly bugs on the provider side.

So this may not be a full implementation still. For starters, which OIDC provider where you looking at?



We would be using AzureAD/Entra as the auth provider.

Thanks @cw-ch-scott!

Let me check and discuss with the team on this.



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