Pulse not restarting after reeboot


Pulse 5.5.1, windows server 2012 R2
We have a server where the Pulse services refuse to start after a windows server reboot (every time) despite the startup type being set to Automatic. Pulse services set to run under local system account. Is there anything we can do to troubleshoot and fix this?


Last time I had this issue is because I have too much processes on the database, it took too long to load and eventually timed out.

Also, you might want to increase the maximum memory configuration during the setup, for most of our sites, I have set that to use 5Gb as my own personal default.


Thanks Tat - maximum memory for pulse service or application service? And where do I set it?


Hi Scott,

please follow these steps:

Regarding your issue Pulse 5.5.1, was optimised to start the monitor services regardless the number of TM1 objects that have to be analysed during service startup, Can you try starting up the services manually after reboot in the following order:

  1. Pulse for TM1
  2. Pulse Application Server


Thanks Erik for the link. I have upped JvmMx to 5120 so will see how that goes on next server restart. We never have an issue starting Pulse manually and pulseas.exe is only using around 500Mb (after JVM increase). The server does have a lot of TM1 instances (like 15) but most of them are quite small.