Pulse .Net Framework support

Hi Pulse Team,

A customer has asked if there is any future plans to support/rebuild Pulse with a newer version of .Net Framework than the current version (5.8.2) supports (4.6.1 I believe?)


Hi @saylett,

No we don’t have plans to change the .NET framework. Version 6 will remove the depenency of .NET for the Pulse server components.

Hi @tryan - follow-up question;

Despite our advice to the contrary, they have updated the servers to .Net 4.7.2. In some instances Pulse works, some it doesn’t - is it fair to say the official line here is that whilst it works, it’s unsupported in this state? We’ve advised they roll back, but they appear somewhat unwilling to do so.



Hi @saylett,

We have no plans to upgrade 4.7.x at this stage.