Pulse Migration Error



Hi, we’ve recently been upgraded to Pulse v5.6 and it may just be a coincidence but i’m not getting the error below when trying to do a hot promote.

Unable to hot promote objects: Unable to process task hotpromote: Bad Data.


There was a bug in promotion of 5.6.0. You need 5.6.1


Hi @cw-ch ,

We have upgraded to Pulse 5.6.1 and are unable to do any migrations. We find the following error.

uber_prd is the name of our TM1 instance. Please help.


Hi @ssures4,

Could you try to run the update documentation of the uber_prd instance. It looks like the credentials are empty or wrong?




Hi @Vincent.

I tried doing a update documentation and got the following error.

Can you please let me know where in Pulse should I update the username & password to ensure it is working.
Is it on TM1 side or within Pulse.

I am new to Pulse, apologies for some basic questions here.


Hi @ssures4,

You need to go to Administration > Instance Settings, you will find the User name and Password:

The user login has to be Admin in TM1.




Thank you :smile: This helped.